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Homesteaders Life Company

Homesteaders Life Company provides insurance, financial products, and related services to the funeral industry, emphasizing the integration of advance funeral planning as an extension of funeral service.

Homesteaders' business philosophy is to assure a business culture and financial philosophy that will provide long-term security for our policyowners, customers, and employees.

Security of funds is Homesteaders' greatest concern - a concern shared by their funeral home partners and policyholders. In addition to providing superior customer service and support, it is imperative that funeral funds are available at the time of need. How they invest - the quality and diversification of their investments - is the reason funeral homes have confidence in
offering Homesteaders insurance funding products to families wishing to prearrange.

Premium dollars are invested in high-quality, well-diversified bonds. Homesteaders' investments are of high quality, averaging AA- as rated by Standard & Poor's. The vast majority of the portfolio is rated A or above. Our investment philosophy is key to your assurance that your advance funeral funding will be there when your family needs it.

Company History

Homesteaders was founded in Des Moines, Iowa in the summer of 1905 - twenty-two interested parties gathered at the home of John E. Paul to discuss the formation of a fraternal order. Less than a year later, "The Homesteaders" emerged with the purpose of providing insurance benefits
to its members for "final" expenses. Policy Certificate Number One was issued in Paul's name on February 23, 1906.

Elected the association's first president, Paul declared a theme of "neighborly cooperation, fraternity, mutual helpfulness, protection, and patriotism."

A Pioneering Spirit

The name "Homesteaders" reflects the spirit of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when many were migrating west to find their futures. The pioneers who braved the elements and other perils were considered
visionaries and survivalists - ideals well suited to an organization whose membership depended on this kind of resolve.



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