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Shirley Wolfe

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Bob, Roger Keller and I are so sorry to hear about Shirley, she and I were cheerleaders together and she was a great person Our Heartfilled Sympathy goes to you and the family.
From: Nancy Buzzard Skeans    05/24/2009 07:16 PM

Bob: You have our heart felt sympathy, we just saw it in the paper today.
From: Paul and Jean Hill    05/11/2009 02:03 PM

Dear Bob, I am very sorry to hear about your loss of Shirley. She was a wonderful, courageous person enlight of all her health problems. All the years she was my patient, I always hoped that I would be as strong as her if I have to face half the issues she did. I miss you both. I enjoyed your friendship, conversations and inspirations over the years. My best wishes for you, Bob and also my deepest sympathy for your loss. Pam Faehnrich (Dr. Greenwood)
From: pam faehnrich    05/10/2009 09:23 AM

Dear Bob, I am sssoooo sorry. I read it in the paper this morning. I hadn't see her at her sister's lately and wondered how she was doing. What a terrific couple you kids were. I remember you in High School. Altho I was from Michigan and married already, I used to see you kids, and knew then you were in love. What a terrific husband you were for her. God Bless You Bob, love, marilyn
From: Marilyn Van Loo    05/09/2009 09:43 AM

Dear Bob, I was saddened yesterday to hear from Ginger, that Shirley had passed away. I know your sense of loss must be beyond measure, and my heart goes out to you. I admired and respected Shirley so very much for the long and courageous battle she bravely fought against that terrible disease. Ginger, Harlene, Nancy and I spent alot of time on the phone yesterday, and although Nancy and I can't be there for her services, Harlene and Ginger will carry our love and our light to guide her home. In my mind, she will always be our Homecoming Queen, smiling and beautiful, who couldn't wait til after the game to be with her handsome and charming Bob. You and Betty will remain in my prayers. Sincerly, and with love, Ann
From: Ann Leak Henning    05/09/2009 08:59 AM

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