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Steve Warren

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Most people call me Rip. It was 1996 and my life was in turnmoil. I had rejoined the navy and was stationed at North Island with Steve. My lowest days and I met this guy with a no lose smile and a worn warm leather hat. He was from my hometown of Houston and let music open his soul. Our common ground was being a couple of retreads in the navy, but the consequence of our existence would travel for decades. I lost contact with steve and Laurie in 1999, but always wondered what he had become. Your son made me sing late at night and taught me how to play the rainstick. I cannot believe he is gone and my heart is in panic for his babies. Steve didn't make flowers for my wedding or sing me to sleep. He shared his lost soul and pain with me. He inspired me to put down my fever and face the lord. He illustrated courage through his own life so that I could step into my own potential and serve a much higher purpose. My parents and children experience the life I give them and much of our joy and outlook is from what steve taught me how to be. Laurie? If you ever read this, I'm so sorry and miss you. To the man who had the coolest shoes and hat in Texas, I will surely miss you. Rip bayless
From: Michael Bayless    11/03/2010 04:01 AM

To Steve's family, I am so sorry to hear about your loss and that he passed away at such a young age. Steve was a good friend, a very kind and loving person. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Jennifer
From: Jennifer Jones    05/12/2010 08:52 PM

I wish I had known of Steve's passing earlier so I could have paid my respects. We were friends for a very long time. He was the most caring, giving, selfless, understanding, tender and loving human being I have ever met. Too bad you never really knew the Steve Warren (Warren "G")that ALL his friends knew him as. The NON-judgmental person he was did NOT come from your upbringing or your influence in raising him. He was a truly unique individual!! I thank God I had the opportunity to know him as I did!! He can now Rest In Peace!!!
From: Shelly    04/20/2010 08:00 AM

MOM & DAD; I just want to thank you for making the last 3-4 months of my life so EMPTY ! I did'nt have the oppurtunity to enjoy my friends, cuz u chose not to allow them in my life! Just the same as when I was growing up, you NEVER knew ME for who I really was! Your only thoughts were selfish, you had to have things YOUR way, with no consideration for what I wanted my last days! My friends CARED for me and were there for me thru some very hard times! Your controlling ways took so much from me in my final days! You DID NOT let any of my friends know in time to be there . . . and they truely cared about me . . . Jeremiah Benjamin Christian
From: Jeremiah Benjamin Christianson    02/26/2010 06:38 PM

To the family of Steve..I am so very sorry for your loss.Never met any of you, but Steve did the flowers and video for my wedding a year ago in Louisiana,he touched everyone he met...all agreed he was a very special young man...Bless you all....
From: Judy Breaux    02/05/2010 12:26 AM

To the family of Steve..I am so very sorry for your loss.Never met any of you, but Steve did the flowers and video for my wedding a year ago in Louisiana,he touched everyone he met...all agreed he was a very special young mansi...Bless you all....
From: Judy Breaux    02/05/2010 12:25 AM

So sorry you felt you had to be so possessive of HIM that you took away all his friends, all his JOY, YOU TOOK HIS LIFE !! HIS LIFE as he lived it in joy and happiness and peace. YOU stole that from his last days ! ! !
From: Friends of Steve    02/01/2010 11:47 PM

Laurie and family- we are so sorry for your loss. You are in our daily prayers! We rejoice knowing Steve is with our Lord and Savior. We're praying for those sweet girls. Amy (Nichols)Marquis
From: Amy    12/30/2009 08:06 AM

I am so sorry to hear of the family's loss. I haven't seen Steve for many years but knew him as a young adult and remember him as being such and kind, honorable and responsible person. My thoughts are with you at this time. Donna Offutt, Conroe, TX
From: Donna Offutt    12/29/2009 03:54 PM

I am so sorry to learn of Steve's passing. We went to high school together, and I will always remember him with great affection. May God give you comfort and strength during this difficult time.
From: Michele Posey Love    12/29/2009 11:09 AM

Philip and family, At this time of loss, may your hearts be encouraged and filled with peace.
From: Jody Boydston-Johnson    12/29/2009 09:27 AM

Mary & Steve you and your family are in my prayers. I have been thinking of you and trying to locate a phone number. You were definitely blessed with a wonderful son.
From: Barbara Shrader    12/28/2009 07:58 PM

So sorry for the loss of your beloved son.My thoughts and prayers are with you. Brenda Gaston
From: Brenda Gaston    12/28/2009 04:29 PM

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Steve was a wonderful person and he will be greatly missed. I pray that God will give you all comfort in this time of such a sad loss. I am sure that Steve will be playing the sweetest of music in heaven. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Beth Gaston Parker
From: Beth Gaston Parker    12/28/2009 12:05 PM

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Please know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers. We are assured that all who know Jesus as their personal Savior will be in Heaven in the presence of God. Jana (Breda) Fewell Waco, Tx.
From: Jana (Breda) Fewell    12/28/2009 12:09 AM

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