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About Caskets--Types of Caskets for Burial and Cremation


Most families select caskets for their beauty and finish. But there are a lot of little things about high-quality caskets (such as those from Aurora Casket Company) that most people never notice--and that frankly aren't meant to stand out.

Details in design, construction, and finish are meant to enhance the display of the casket in an attractive and dignified manner and to keep the tasks involved in handling, closing, and transport to a smooth minimum.

These are details that all good caskets share, but that not all casket manufacturers provide.

Metal Caskets
Read about the design and production of metal caskets, the truth about the magentic properties of caskets, and how stainless steel alloys are selected, plus much more. (full article)


Wood Caskets
The oldest material known to man makes it a natural and environmentally sound choice when selecting a casket. Hardwood is also strong, beautiful, and shock-resistant. (full article)


Types of Metal Caskets
For information on the different metals used to manufacture caskets, follow these links.
Bronze Caskets
Copper Caskets
Stainless Steel Caskets

  Steel Caskets
18-Gauge Steel Caskets
20-Gauge Steel Caskets
  Types of Hardwood Caskets
For information on the different woods used to manufacture caskets, follow these links.
Mahogany Caskets
Walnut Caskets
Cherry Caskets
Maple Caskets
Oak Caskets


Ash Caskets
Poplar Caskets
Pine Caskets
Wood Veneer Caskets

Cremation Caskets
Wood caskets are ideal for cremation. Why do you need a casket? Many crematories require the body to be encased in a rigid container. Find out more in this article. (full article)


  Orthodox Caskets
Most religions have rituals and ceremonies that take place after the death of one of their members. Jewish law dictates certain elements a casket must have to be considered kosher. (full article)

How Metal Caskets Are Made
Skilled craftsmen brush Aurora’s caskets. They carefully inspect each part as they work on it to ensure it meets rigid quality standards. (full article)


How Hardwood Caskets Are Made
There are six stages of production in the manufacture of wood caskets, beginning with lumber preparation. (full article)


Hardwood Casket Cost Factors
There are several factors that ultimately contribute to the cost of quality manufacturing lumber. The three primary ones are labor costs, availability, and materials waste. (full article)


Aurora Casket Company Casket Quality
The quality you may never notice is built into Aurora Casket Company products. Learn all about the company that sponsors this site and its products, and about Aurora's promise. (full article)



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