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Phillips Funeral Homes are full-service funeral establishments. By offering a wide range of services, each family has the ability to create a meaningful and appropriate way to remember their loved one. Realizing that each family is unique, we are prepared to explain the various options. Listed below are some of the services we can provide.

Traditional Funerals
A traditional funeral usually consists of the following components: Service begins with a viewing of the body and/or a period of time in which the family receives friends who express their condolences. The body is present (usually in a casket) and this is usually held in the funeral home, although it could be held in a private home or other location. A portion of the service takes place in a church or funeral home chapel. The funeral concludes with a committal service at the location where the body will be placed in its final resting space.

Graveside Services
This is similar to a traditional funeral service, except there is no church or chapel service. Services are held at the gravesite where the body will be buried, or at the mausoleum where the body will be entombed above ground.

Cremation Services

Visitation And Ceremony

Open to all who wish to attend

Opportunity for friends to express support

Religious, Non-Religious, or Contemporary ceremony

Opportunity to pay tribute and share memories
Private Viewing And Ceremony

Attendance at your request

Religious, Non-Religious or Contemporary

May honor preference of deceased while addressing needs of survivors
Private Viewing

Opportunity for designated family and friends to say a final "good-bye"

Encourages acceptance of reality and healthy expression of grief

May honor preference of deceased while addressing needs of survivors
Memorial Ceremony

Religious, Non-Religious, or Contemporary

Allows family and friends to share memories and express their feelings

Urn present - may be a helpful focal point acknowledging death's reality

Display photos and personal mementos
Direct Burials
This is burial of the body with no viewing or service of any kind

Forwarding and Receiving of Remains
As we become a more mobile society, death often occurs at a location some distance from where the body will be buried. Funeral directors are accustomed to the requirements necessary to arrange transportation of the body from one location to another, even outside the United States.

At Phillips Funeral Homes we understand that all families are unique. These are just a sample of the different type of services that we can offer.

The funeral for a loved one is a very special time and the funeral should be a reflection of love. Every funeral we are allowed to assist in is unique, because we take the time to guide you to the service you desire. What ever you desire we will strive to achieve.


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