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If your choice is cremation, you will need an urn for the cremated remains after the cremation process. The urn you select will depend on the style, color, cost, workmanship, and the personality of the deceased. We have a wide collection of urns from which you can choose. Our urns are made by the Wilbert Vault Company.

Artistic Collection - The Artistic Collection consists of five unique urns designed for both men and women. The Water Lily urn is an artist original. The Wilbert Cloisonne urns are fetured in three different colors, each mnufactured with layers of copper and enamel. The Arlington urn is a solid cast pewter urn chosen by many people with a history of military service.
Hardwood Collection - The Hardwood Collection urns are all manufactued with solid hardwoods. The Memory Chest urn has a dual purpose, serving as an urn and a memory chest for personal mementos. The Cornerstone urns have marble or granite inlays for personalization. Throughout the Hardwood Collection, the variety of woods and finishes complement a variety of personalities.
Bronze Collection - The Bronze Collection urns are availabe in a varety of shapes and sizes. The Woodsman urn is produed in genuine artistic cast bronze while the more economical bronze urns are manufactured in commercial sheet bronze. Many of the bronze urns are suitable for custom engraving and special bronze emblems.

Urn Vaults

If you choose burial after the cremation, it is important to understand why you need an urn vault and that they do not all provide the same protection. There are several factors that challenge the integrity of an urn vault, including ground water and heavy equipment passing over the urn vault during cemetery operations. We have several different varieties of urn vaults to choose from. Our urn vaults are also made by Wilbert Vault Company.

The Bronze Triune Urn Vault - Cover and base lined with high-impact ABS Trilon and bronze. Durable concrete exterior, classic beauty of bronze, and finest double reinforced urn vault.
The Copper Triune Urn Vault - Cover and base lined with high-impact ABS Trilon and copper. Durable concrete exterior, double reinforced urn vault, and elegance of copper.
The Stainless Steel Urn Vault - Cover and base lined with high-impact ABS Trilon and stainles steel. Durable concrete exterior and double reinforced urn vault.
The Cameo Rose Urn Vault - Cover and base lined with high-impact ABS Trilon and brushed stainless steel. Double reinforced urn vault featuring a plaque with a delicate rose and nameplate for personalization.

If you have any questons concerning these urns and urn vaults please contact www.wilbertonline.com.

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