Light a Memory Candle

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May your blessed memory live on in our hearts this holiday season and the light of your life shine brightly forever.

Merry Christmas

We've shared our hearts, full of Holiday Cheer
and shopped for presents for loved ones this year
The house is dressed up with garland and lights
That sparkle and shine through the Holiday nights
But even with all of this Holiday bliss
There's someone we lost that we terribly miss
And as this Christmas Day draws near
We wish with all of our hearts you were here.
You are living your life way up past the stars
Somewhere past Jupiter, Saturn and Mars
You are spending your Christmas in Heaven, you see
And last night as I slept, a dream came to me
You were standing before me, happy and well
You said to me "I have something to tell,
Heaven's more wonderous than you would believe
It's the greatest of gifts I could ever receive.
I'd like for you all to remember the good
You know that I'd be there if only I could.
So don't feel so bad that I'm not there
Think of my memories you can share
As you gather together, I'm sure you'll find
The gifts deep within you that I left behind.
Each one is unique and wrapped brightly in love
You shine from your hearts as I shine from above."
A special stocking now hangs from our mantel
Filled with our own special memories
And since we can't send you an earthly gift
We're asking God: "Please give you a kiss."


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