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from The STAR Class
by Karen Nilsen

The days surrounding the death of a loved one can be a confusing and disorienting time for young children. Altered daily routines and unfamiliar sights and sounds can be difficult for them to cope with. Children need honest, simple explanations of the events they are experiencing with the adults around them.

The STAR Class contains words and images that are not usually a part of everyday conversation for children or adults. Providing children with the opportunity to hear the words of the funeral process, express feelings and concerns in a creative art activity, and to write a STAR message to their loved one who has died can give them a sense of power over this new experience and help allay fears about what the funeral is all about.

When I first became a funeral director’s wife, I was told by a very wise woman, “Always remember, we are not in the FUNERAL BUSINESS, rather, we are in FUNERAL SERVICE.” That belief has stayed with me through the years and I feel the STAR Class has been my way of providing an invaluable service to families at need.

It is my hope that the STAR class will enhance the service and care that all funeral directors provide to the families they serve with young children and that they will find the same joy and satisfaction I have found in teaching it. I have personally grown in my understanding of how children cope with their grief and have been blessed to share this Special Time to Always Remember™ with them.

What Kids and Parents Have to Say about the STAR Program

“Even though I can’t to talk to my grandma on the phone any more, I can talk to her in my heart any time.” --Alexi, age 4

“What a wonderful thing you are doing! This type of class for kids is so needed. We just didn’t know what to say. We weren’t even sure if we would have the children attend the funeral. We are so glad we did. God bless you.” --Mother of Brandon, age 3, and Sarah, age 8

For more information on the STAR Program, visit Karen's Web site


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