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How Funerals Help with the Grieving Process


by Susan Hoover, MSW, LSW
Grief and Bereavement Institute
Cancer Family Care

The steps we go through during the visitation, funeral or memorial, and final disposition process each have a role to play in helping the bereaved through their grief.

For some people, viewing is a very important part of the grieving process. Viewing can make the death seem more real and tangible. (full article)



Funerals are an outward expression of the loss of a loved one. It adds ritual to the experience and can be personalized to express your family's beliefs and traditions. (full article)

Memorials include many different aspects. The memorial can be in place of a funeral service, it can happen immediately after the death, or it can be held much later. (full article)



Graveside Burial
For many families, the graveside service can provide closure to the entire death process. (full article)


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