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Children and Grief--Helping a Child through the Grieving Process


Helping Children Cope with Grief
Children, like adults, experience grief in many different ways, and each has his or her own pace of recovery. There are things that you can do to help a child through the grief process. (full article)


  Answering a Child's Questions about Death
Caring parents can help a child during a time of loss by being open, honest, and loving, and by responding to his or her questions in a way that shows they care. (full article)

Infants through Adolescents--How Children Cope
Children of different ages have very different reactions to grief. Yvonne Butler Clark's It's Okay to Cry takes a look at each. (full article)


  What's a Funeral Anyway? Children and Funerals
Karen Nilsen's STAR class has helped many children understand the funeral process and experience it more positively. Learn more about the STAR Class here. (full article)

Infants and Toddlers and Grief
Children younger than four can sense that something is wrong as they experience the grief of their primary caretaker. The absence of the mother may cause a clear biological reaction. (full article)



Kids Talk Back--What Children Say about Funerals
These kids' comments were made by children attending Karen Nilsen's STAR class. See what goes through a child's mind, or share your own child's comments. (full article)

Four-to Six-Year-Olds and Grief
Bereaved children between four and six have a limited and literal understanding of death. For a child in this age range, death may be explained in physical terms. (full article)



Memories--An Activity to Help Children through Grief
Children may experience joy and laughter from remembering and sharing specific details about their loved one. (full article)

Seven-to Eleven-Year-Olds and Grief
Children ages seven to eleven are still primarily oriented to the family, and although they've begun to relate to and gain self-identity through their peers, play is still a mode of self-expression. (full article)



Explaining Cremation to a Child
When a deceased family member or friend is cremated or already has been cremated, your child may want to know what cremation is. (full article)


Adolescents 12-17 and Grief
To the emotionally healthy adolescent, death is foreign; it's something they simply do not want to think about. Sometimes self-destructive behavior says "I'm not afraid of death." (full article)


  Bereavement Tools for Kids
As confusing as death can be for adults, it can be even more traumatic for kids. Fortunately, there are tools available to help, such as the Max and Nellie's Journey with Grief video. (full article)
Bereavement Video Helps Children and Their Families
A new video from The Old Brick Playhouse explains grief, loss, and bereavement to kids using puppets, music, and other engaging tools. (full article)

Talking to a Child about Funerals and Death
The days surrounding a death can be a confusing and disorienting time fory
oung children. Children's grief expert and STAR class founder Karen Nilsen talks about how to answer questions and help your child cope. (full article)

Helping Children Deal With Catastrophic Tragedies
From Margaret Metzger, author of A Time To Mourn, A Time To Dance Help For the Losses In Life, this article provides tips on helping children overcome tragedies. (full article)

Helping Children Cope With Balloon Messages
Melissa Hunter, creator of Heavenly Helium, describes how sending balloons to a departed family member helped her children start communicating and healing. (full article)


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