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Personal Planning Guide for Funeral Services


This guide is intended for your personal use. You can print the guide and complete it at your convenience, or, if you'd like to save it online, you can register to create an account on our site (free)--and your information is private and safe. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information. .

Share your wishes with a family member or trusted friend. If you do not want to review the guide with a family member, at least let someone know where it can be located in the event of your death.

Important Papers
Here's where you can find my last will and testament:  
The executor of my estate is:  
My executor's phone number is:  
Other important papers: this list will help you locate documents necessary for settlement of my estate (birth certificate, marriage license, deeds, automobile titles, insurance policies, pension information, income tax records, banking records, bonds, securities, stock certificates, etc.)    
Paper: Location:    
Paper: Location:    
Paper: Location:    
Paper: Location:    
Paper: Location:    
Paper: Location:    
Location of safety deposit box key:    


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