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Personal Planning Guide for Funeral Services

This guide is intended for your personal use. You can print and complete it at your convenience, or you can register to and save it online (free)--and your information is private and safe. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

Share your wishes with a family member or trusted friend. If you do not want to review the guide with a family member, at least let someone know where it can be located in the event of your death.
Basic Information

Dear Loved Ones,

In the pages that follow, I've recorded my desires and preferences regarding decisions you'll be asked to make after my death. Please read through this entire document before making arrangements for my funeral.

Upon my death, I want to donate my organs as indicated:
Any needed organs or body parts
No donation
Only those organs or body parts listed here:
I have a living will. It is located:
Place of Worship:
Phone Number:
The funeral director will need the following information to complete my death certificate:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Social Security Number (we do not recommend entering your Social Security Number online due to security reasons)
Usual Occupation:  
Kind of Business/Industry:  
Military Service:  
Highest Level of
Education Completed:
Father's Name
(first, middle, last):
Mother's Name
(first, middle, last, maiden):
Place of disposition (name of cemetery, crematory or other location):  


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