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Preneed Funeral Planning Checklist


Our preneed checklist shows you how many decisions must be made by a family member at the time of your death. This does not include choosing a casket or urn and outer burial container, notifying relatives, preparing a family history for the obituary, arranging for floral displays, etc.

By taking time now to consider the items below, you can make your wishes known to your family. You might even consider formalizing your preneed arrangements with a funeral director, which would allow you to complete all of your arrangements now.

  • Name of church (if service to be held)

  • Clergy to preside over service (name)

  • Music? Vocal? Instrumental?

  • Special musical selections?

  • Would you like to have a visitation?

  • Open casket? Closed casket?

  • Funeral home preference?

  • Obituary?

  • Names of pallbearers

  • Memorial contributions

  • If veteran, flag on casket? Folded?

  • Clothing

  • Glasses

  • Jewelry

  • Location of cemetery property and deed

  • Type of property: burial space/lawn crypt/mausoleum/niche

  • Other instructions


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