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This section of funeralplan.com is designed to give you an overview of the different elements involved in planning a funeral or memorial service. Use the navigation below to explore this portion of the site. To give you an idea of what's in each section, we've listed just a few of the articles you'll find in each section.

About Funeral Planning
Planning a funeral is a very emotional event, whether you're arranging a funeral for a loved one who has just died or are pre planning your own funeral. (full article)



About Funeral Planning Articles
What to Do When A Relative Dies
How to Plan a Funeral
How to Choose a Funeral Service Provider
Consumer Satisfaction with Funeral Homes
Pre need Funeral Planning
Family-Owned Funeral Homes
What's a Funeral Anyway? Children and Funerals


Pre Need (Pre-Planning a Funeral)
Preneed refers to prearranging and pre-funding your own funeral. A preneed insurance policy covers the cost of the funeral at the time of death. (full article)



Preneed (Pre-Planning) Articles
Benefits of Pre-Planning
History of Funeral Planning
Personal Planning Guide
Pre-Planning Checklist
Tips on Wills


Funeral Products and Services
There are many products and services to choose from in the funeral planning process--embalming, caskets and urns, and even the choice of a permanent resting place. (full article)



Products and Services Articles
Choosing a Casket
Electronic Showrooms--The Wave of the Future?
Cremation Urns
Burial Vaults and Grave Liners


Financing Funerals
There are a number of options for financing funerals, and when you pre-plan your funeral, you can take advantage of the best program for you. (full article)



Financing Funerals Articles
Funeral Costs
Calculating the Actual Funeral Cost
Financing a Funeral or Memorial Service
Why Pre-Fund a Funeral or Memorial?


Learn more about cremation as an option, including information about having funerals or memorial services. Most people are surprised to learn they can still have the full array of services with cremation. (full article)



Cremation Articles
The Cremation Process
Cremation vs. Burial
Frequently Asked Questions
Cremation Statistics


Idea Center--Personalizing the Funeral Service
A funeral can and should be as unique as the life that is being celebrated. Don't feel that you have to have a cookie cutter type of service or that your ideas for a special ceremony are foolish. (full article)


  Personalization Articles
Choosing a Service Location
Personalization Options
Personalization Gallery

Consumer Rights and Funeral Planning
The Funeral Rule requires funeral service providers to give you, the consumer, accurate, itemized price information and various other disclosures about funeral goods and services. (full article)


  Consumer Rights Articles
The General Price List
The FTC on Pre-Planning
Telephone Price Disclosures
State Laws for the Funeral Service Industry
Donating a Body to Science
How do you go about donating your body to science? Learn what's involved, what specific states require, and more in this excerpt from The Whole Body Donation Guide. (full article)
  Donating a Body to Science Articles
Donating a Body to Science--An Overview
Frequently Asked Questions
Examples of States Rules
To Remember Me by Robert N. Test


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