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Cremation--Everything You Need to Know about Cremation


What Is Cremation?
Cremation is just one form of preparing the body for final disposition. It's a process that reduces the body to its base elements. (full article)

Burial Vs. Cremation--The
Complete Guide to the Options

Burial or cremation? The options can be confusing, but they don't have to be. (full article )



Issues to Consider with Cremation
Families may encounter some discomfort with cremation and resistance from family members for a variety of personal reasons. Here's how to cope. (full article)



The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Cremation
How is a cremation service different from a traditional funeral service? Find out in this guide from the Cremation Association of North America.(full article)


The Cremation Process
The information in this article is intended to help you more fully understand what occurs in the cremation process. The steps are detailed and should be carefully considered. (full article)


  Final Resting Place Options with Cremation
With cremation, you actually have more choices available than with a typical earth burial. (full article)

Cremation as Preparation for Memorialization
Each year on Memorial Day, thousands of individuals travel to local cemeteries and memorial parks to pay their respects to departed family members and friends. (full article)



Cremation Urns
Learn all about cremation urns in this handy online guide--from a manufacturing process overview to how to personalize a cremation urn.(full article)


Cremation Statistics
Cremation has expanded rapidly worldwide. Since 1973, the number of cremations in North America has more than tripled. (full article)


Cremation with Dignity
Nowadays, you have a wide range of options on where to place cremated remains. You may select a niche in a columbarium with space for one, two, or even an entire family. (full article)


Explaining Cremation to a Child
The death of a family member or friend not only affects adults, but can also have a profound impact on children. (full article)


  Survivor Trauma
Those who say--whether seriously or in jest--"Just cremate me and throw me out!" don't realize the burden this places on family members. (full article)

Why More and More People Are Choosing Cremation
There are a number of factors driving the increase in the numbers of people choosing cremation today. Here are the key factors in this trend. (full article)


  List of Questions for Your Funeral Service Provider
If there's anything you'd like to know about cremation and cremation services, your local funeral professional can help. Here's a list of questions you might have. (full article)
Burial at Sea--Rules and Regulations
There are specific legal rules and regulations concerning burial of human remains at sea. (full article)


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