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Family-Owned Funeral Homes--What's So Special about Them?


Why choose a family-owned funeral home? Family-owned funeral homes are locally owned and operated, independent funeral homes. Many families have been in funeral service for generations. They have a personal relationship with the community and are actively involved in the communities they serve.

The Schoedingers  

Many families, like the Schoedingers pictured here, have been in the funeral care industry for over 100 years.

They strive to offer the highest quality of service and merchandise to their families. They are sensitive to the needs of the community in which they live and serve.

With family-owned funeral homes, everything they do reflects their on-going commitment to provide affordable, quality services to the community. Customer trust is built slowly over time. Family-owned funeral homes are usually staffed by family members, members of the community, and graduates from local colleges.

Conglomerates (corporations) buy funeral homes from all over the country. When purchased by a conglomerate, some families continue to run and maintain the funeral home.

From outward appearances, you cannot tell whether a funeral home is family or corporate owned. To find a family-owned funeral home in your area, use the funeral home locator on this site. It's free, and it can direct you to some of the finest family-owned funeral homes in operation today.


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