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My thoughts and prayers are with Deb and Darrell in this time of loss. May the comfort of your family and friends keep you warm and ease the pain.
From: Roberta    12/07/2009 07:28 PM

Dear Grandma, We will all miss your smile and laughs. I will never forget the memories I had with you. Fly in the heavens with the angles, because you were a beautiful angel on earth. I will forever keep you in my heart and thoughts. To my uncles and aunts I'm so sorry for the loss of grandma. She is a blessing in my life because I get to have all of you in my life.
From: Jennifer Erickson    12/04/2009 10:21 PM

Deb & Darrell So sorry for your loss. I never got to meet you Mom, but am sure she was a wonderful and loving person. Please know you are in my prayers Wayne & Jayne
From: Jayne Syrjamaki    12/03/2009 09:49 PM

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