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We are so sorry for the loss of such a fine man. We appreciate George's dedicated service at the Jackson Farm Center and his loyal friendship to our parents. Sincerely, George E. Thornton and family Mildred Thornton Lindley and family Children of Vance and Helen Thornton
From: George Thornton    12/27/2007 10:20 AM

Debbie, I was heart broken when Nathan told me the news. I know it was expected and I am so glad he got to be at home with his family. They tell you in school not to get too emotionally attached to your patients, but when they are as special as your Dad was it's hard not to do that. I'll miss him terribly myself. He was always a JOY to take care of. I'll never forget how kind he was or the stories of his life that he liked to tell us. You know how they say to save the best for last. I always tried to save George for last, so I could spend the extra time with him when I was able. I hope to be able to make it to Jackson this evening to see you at the funeral home. I'm not sure how things are going to play out around here today.
From: bobi rideout    12/26/2007 09:48 AM

Dear Chuck, Debbie & Dave, I know you will miss your Dad. I have many good memories of him and I know you do also. I think of the last time I visited him and he told me of his last sickness. He mentioned that Debbie had worried about him and he told her she did not need to worry, "He had had the best" and she did not need to grieve, if anything should happen to him. Aunt Louise
From: Dexter & Louise White    12/25/2007 10:14 PM

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