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We plan for every aspect of life. Having a family, vacations, weddings, retirement - all are planned. We prepare for what might happen, such as fires, accidents or floods. But, because most of us do not like to think about death, we avoid making important funeral decisions in advance.
Family members making funeral arrangements immediately following a death often are confused and upset. Just when they are struggling to cope with their grief, they must also attend to the details of a visitation and funeral and begin adjusting to life without the person who died.

Planning your funeral ahead of time can remove some of the emotional burden from your family. There are many decisions to be made when arranging a funeral. Making these decisions today, with the help of those close to you, permits you to tend to every detail and allows you to make logical, well thought out plans, which your family will appreciate.

You gain the confidence that results from making unhurried, informed decisions. Plus, prearranging ensures that you will have exactly the kind of funeral you want.

Above, you will find some links to articles that may help answer some of your questions. If not, please call the funeral home and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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